Alternative Sources for Prescription Medicine

I recently investigated sources that an individual could use to obtain their medications from locations within Canada. As many of you may already know, medications purchased in Canada are less expensive than those obtained in the U.S. Thus this report!

It was very interesting to learn the following:

A visitor in Canada can purchase certain medications for personal use/certain amounts and transport the item(s) over the United States and Canadian border. An individual must declare the possession of the medications when you stop at the border.

The other more accessible method is to contact certain Canadian businesses and request medications by using email and have item(s) delivered using the US mail.

Visits were made to several pharmacies in Kingston and Gananoque, Ontario and we were informed that they would NOT accept a written prescription from an American Doctor. They would only accept a scrip written by a Canadian Doctor.

If an individual wants to obtain their medications from a location within Canada using the email method, always look for the sites that are approved by the CSIP, the Canadian Center for Safe Internet Pharmacies, which works much like our FDA, US Food & Drug Administration. The CSIP examines the sources they authorize to insure that the site is a legitimate business using drugs of the highest quality. Beware, there are those questionable businesses that can supply medications but are NOT of the best quality. An individual may go to some of the following sites and begin a relationship with that particular business, as I have been informed, an individual can contact one of these businesses and submit a valid/legal doctor prescribed medication (written prescription) and after the business is satisfied, you may request the medication and receive same thru the US Mail.

Remember, some medications are prohibited for visitors to purchase in person or obtain thru the mail but there are many that are available. An individual can go to the following sites and review the US regulations and lists of medications that are available to transport over the border or thru the mail:

  • US Department of Justice, DEA
    Title 21 Part 1301
  • Federal Drug Administration
    Tips for Traveling to the US with Medications. Look for the Personal Importation Policy (PIP)
  • Customs & Border Protection
    Click on travel, this area handles inquiries about goods to take over the border.

Sources that can be used to order medications by making the request thru email and have the item(s) mailed back to the requester. Go to:


Several web sites have been brought to our attention where an individual can purchase lenses and frames at greatly reduced prices. Go to:

Another source that may help you is Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue 365; this web site offers many choices and deals for Fitness Programs, Healthy Eating, Personal Care (eyeglass coverage) Financial Care and Wellness along with Lifestyle which offers reduced costs for traveling expenses.

An individual does need to investigate a source and make the determination to use any of these sites. Our research should be a beginning for you, after further investigation, use these sites to reduce your medical supply costs. Do your own research and make your decision.