Remembering Our Heroes #1: Deputies Michaels and Kennerson

This article begins a new series on the S.O.A.R. website called “Remembering Our Heroes”. We have over 4,000 old photos, papers and items in the MCSO archives, and at the request of some members will begin to share them in this new monthly series. We hope you enjoy!

Our first selection is a Democrat & Chronicle article dated March 2, 1961. The article describes the heroic actions of two Monroe County Sheriff’s Office Road Patrol Deputies: Eugene Michaels and John Kennerson.

Deputy Michaels responded to a call at the corner of Plank Rd and Empire Blvd. He found a hysterical women clutching a baby shouting that the child was unresponsive. Deputy Michaels gave mouth to mouth resuscitation and revived the child. As no expressways existed at the time, he got the women and baby in his patrol car and proceeded down Empire Blvd heading to Northside Hospital. The amazing thing is that when the child stopped breathing several more times, Deputy Michaels stopped the patrol car each time, reviving the child. He finally arrived at the hospital and the child survived.

Deputy Kennerson was attending a funeral service at St. Thomas Church when he noticed a fire near the main alter. He approached the item on fire, wrapped it in his coat and ran out of the church, thereby preventing a more serious fire within the crowded church.

Both Deputies received Life Saving awards from the County Manager.

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