Monroe County Retiree Recertification Letter

It is that time of year again: time to complete the County of Monroe Retiree Questionnaire.

If not already, you should be receiving this document soon. I cannot express strongly enough that you should:

  • Review this document carefully before signing; examine the information on the lower part of the form just below your signature. The information contained here indicates the retiree health plan you are enrolled in and who is covered. If this information is correct, sign the document; if not, contact the Monroe County Department of Human Resources to determine why it is not correct.
  • Complete the document ASAP
  • I would highly recommend that you do not place completed document in the US Mail without first determining the best method of guaranteeing its delivery. The US Mail has several options you can use to insure its delivery. You can also the FAX telephone number listed on the Registered Mail works well for this purpose.

Protect your benefits, process your paper work carefully.