S.O.A.R. Red Wing Game Day

How About a Little Baseball?

8-13-17 S.O.A.R. hosted a picnic and ball game at Frontier Field (Red Wing Stadium) today. With the generosity of our co –sponsors Project New Hope, NY along with Beikirch’s Hunters Supply and The Firing Pin a fun day was had by all. S.O.A.R. President Marv Hankinson reported that around 100 tickets were sold for this special S.O.A.R. event and our own Red Wings gave us a great game. Hots and Italian sausage with salads and all the trimmings helped attendees to enjoy a great picnic before and during the first few innings of the game. We used the Red Wing stadium site, The Nest and had a wonderful view of the field. Retired Deputy Larry Crawford was on hand and sold the new S.O.A.R. challenge coin to honor those members of our agency that have died in the Line of Duty. (Coins are still available by contacting Larry @ 585-278-6027.)

It was Law Enforcement Appreciation Day and section 201 held many of the attendees. We offer our many thanks to the Red Wing organization for designating this day for all within Law Enforcement. President Hankinson informed us that he and his team are planning on making this event an annual event along with several other events other than our regularly scheduled luncheons.